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BrandStanding is a 100% REAL Pitch show with REAL founders pitching their REAL early stage startups*.

When local amateur sausage maker and anatomy enthusiast Dr. Ken Sagendorf brought his dry cleaning idea to us, something smelled a little funny. It seemed like some people were dying to make a mark in the dry cleaning industry, while others were chomping at the bit to invest. So we decided to bring this special brand challenge to you our listeners to see if you would INVEST in the dark dry cleaning company, or ARREST it’s founder. Only you can decide!

*Legal Notice from Taylor from Legal at Balthazar Games:

BrandStanding is NOT a real pitch competition. It’s a comedy podcast based on a fabulously funny improv card game coming to Kickstarter this spring. BrandStanding is a partnership between Balthazar Games and iO Theater featuring improv performers, comics, podcasters, and business coaches pitching insane and hilarious brands to each other for your entertainment and a cash prize.